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Stephen Strange
No more, Doctor Strange! Magic's final hour has come!

Really? Because the magic says otherwise! Abracadabra, you son of a bitch!

Marvel (Earth-616)

NAME: Kiwi
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Even in normal clothing, Strange cuts a somewhat intense figure. Tall and lean, how busy he’s been tends to determine how he looks insofar as self-maintenance which means that intensity can be a double-edged sword; he can either look handsome, or like an especially weird and incredibly creepy sort of hobo. He has black hair, grey eyes, and tends to keep his facial hair neatly groomed as a general rule, unless of course he’s coming off a long, hard sort of week (or month), at which point he might just rock the homeless-chic look until he’s either bullied into taking care of himself, or he finally gets sick of the nervous glances whenever he leaves the Sanctum.

No matter his general state, he moves with purpose, long strides and little wasted movement, and a grace borne of a confidence that wherever he is, he most certainly belongs there. (Even if that can at times simply be his incredible ego talking.)

If not on ‘business’, he tends to wear something more on the casual side of business casual, with his cloak playing the role of scarf, most of its length hidden under his coat.

Under it all he’s physically a mess, from the scars that litter his body, the tremors that wrack his hands even now, to the ailments that always seem to befall him as a result of his immersion in the world of magic, something that will one day undoubtedly kill him. But even knowing this he wouldn’t trade this weird life for anything.


● strengths:
Intelligence: One thing that has always been true about Stephen is that he’s wickedly bright. Give him a problem and he’ll find several different ways to solve it, at least two impossible ones, which he’ll certainly figure out a way to pull off. He’s learned over the years how to use his intelligence as a weapon in and of itself, proving it many times that even when unable to access magic, he can still solve a problem with wits and words. In fact sometimes he prefers it, though whether that’s a question of self-control or challenging himself depends on the situation.
Morality: For all Stephen is a prickly asshole, he has a distinct sense of right and wrong that he is especially stubborn about keeping himself in the bounds of, as well as a responsibility in how he uses his powers. Much of it is derived from what was expected of him as a surgeon, explaining his dislike of taking a life even when it came to enemies. To protect those he considered under his care, to protect innocents. Even in the middle of a fight he feels a duty as a doctor to stop and assist the injured however he can.
Stubborn: Stephen is stubborn enough to simply batter his way through challenges that should be beyond his skill to handle, to the point where he is only still going because nothing is enough to make him stop. It means that he often is able to handle threats that otherwise should be able to make quick work of him simply on account of his unwillingness to simply lay down and die. And while he may not have the nicest way of it, it means he’s very good at encouraging others to continue on as well when he finds he has need to.

● weaknesses:
Pride: He’s the best at what he does, typically the smartest man in the room at any given time, and well aware of it. This makes it difficult for him to work with others, to put his trust in anyone. It can also make him even more self-destructive than normal, in attempts to take down threats that are far beyond what he can handle alone. It means when he fails that he feels it keenly- in his mind he should have been better able to handle the situation rather than making whatever perceived mistake allowed things to spiral out of control.
Stubborn: This trait can cause Stephen to follow a line of inquiry or a plan to a point that it becomes frankly self-destructive. It often manifests in his sense of duty, causing him to be more reckless, take bigger risks and endure trauma that might otherwise be avoided if he gave even a little on his stance, his belief in his own responsibility for the magical threats that crop up around him. It makes him intractable and at his worst, willing to go to some frankly unpleasant ends to see things through, no matter what anyone around him may think.
Temper: While he’s gotten better at controlling it, Stephen still has a vicious temper, and when roused it can at times eclipse the better person he tries to be. It tends to come out as lashing out verbally, becoming an even bigger asshole as if to blind others to whatever might have caused him to become upset in the first place, to hide the chinks in his proverbial armor. If pushed far enough he isn’t afraid to lash out physically as well for all that tends not to end well for him.

Doctor Strange has a variety of other skills aside from magic, such as his knowledge and skill with neurosurgery. While he cannot perform that surgery any more, he could offer advice and instruction to another doctor, and he can still perform other medical duties where his hands might not be such a liability, such as the duties of a field medic. While he might not be physically as strong as others due to the intense toll magic takes on him, he’s surprisingly athletic and thanks to Wong’s tutelage is a fair martial artist. He’s also at least conversationally fluent as well as able to read in a variety of languages including quite a few ‘dead’ languages from his continued mystical studies.

-Intangibility: The ability of Invisibility or Near-Invisibility and Phasing through solid material.
-Mystic Bolts
-Banishment: Dr Strange has banished many types of creatures and humans to other dimension but this is only possible as long as the 'Banishers' magic is greater than that of the 'Banished.'
-Flight: Doctor Strange can fly using magical energy but has since abandoned using the skill, presumably for the Cape of Levitation.
-Protective Shields
-Time Manipulation: Strange has frozen, slowed, and traveled through time, though this is only possible through extreme concentration.
-Dimensional Travel
-Conjuring of Objects
-Various other spells: He can also use this mystical energy to cast spells of a near infinite variety. These spells seem to be quicker to perform but lesser in power than rituals using divine energy.(Example list of spells here, and expanded ability list here.)
CANONPOINT: About to be burned alive by the Empirikul
AGE: 5,000+ (time bullshit)
HEIGHT: 6'2"
WEIGHT: 180 lbs
HAIR: Black
EYES: Grey
STATUS: Hot Mess
OCCUPATION: Sorcerer Supreme
-Riverview: Medical Advisor at Riverview Hospital
RESIDENCE: Sanctum Sanctorum
-Riverview:Sanctum Sanctorum

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